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Santosh Saranyan

MS in Data Science at Northeastern University

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My name is Santosh Saranyan, and I am an aspiring data scientist. Welcome to my e-portfolio!


I am pursuing a master’s degree in Data Science at Northeastern University and have an overall GPA of 3.8. I am currently working as a Data Science Intern at a Boston based startup called Spare-it, where I have gained valuable industry experience.

In my master’s degree, I have completed courses on Database Management Systems, Supervised Machine Learning, Large-Scale Parallel Data Processing Algorithms and Introduction to Data Management and Processing so far, These courses have taught me valuable skills and have given me a solid foundation on topics like machine learning, SQL, distributed systems and data visualization.

My bachelor’s degree is in engineering, and I specialized in electronics and communication. While I was completing this degree, I took electives like Video Analytics and I did in-depth courses from websites like Coursera on interesting topics like machine learning, R programming, and neural networks. The knowledge I gained from these helped me develop my capstone project titled “Real-time Facemask Detection and Analytics”. This was then extended into a research paper which my teammate and I then presented at the 2021 ACMI 4.0 international conference where it was well received and published on IEEE Xplore.

My ambition is to become a data scientist who has a knack for storytelling with informative visualizations, shows mastery in extracting critical information from data, and adeptly uses them to answer questions and solve problems. 

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